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iMessage - iPhone app allows your to send Apple iPhone Push Notification directly from your HTML/PHP/ASP website with easy.

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iExpenses - track your personal expenses on Apple iPhone app with easy.

About Inter-Concept

Inter-Concept are a team of specialists that provide complex Software Development / IT services. Due to many years of experience and collaboration with companies such as Apple, SAP, Microsoft, HP, G-Data, Symantec or C&C ADC Krone, we provide services of the highest-quality to businesses that demand excellence and a complete guarantee that their system will provide the utmost in terms of its functionality.

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Our activities are mainly concentrated in the production, supply and implementation of applications which facilitate working with SAP Business One (2007,8.8,9.0) UI/DI API SDK and DOS/DBF WINDOWS/SQL PHP/MYSQL. Currently we deliver desktop applications (Windows) and mobile applications (Apple iPhone, iPad, iOS) and Windows mobile (barcode EAN scanning add-on). Inter-Concept's extensive International presence has allowed us to create a large library of ready-to-use solutions and applications, which in turn, enables us to meet our customer’s expectations and equip them with cutting-edge software.

Powerful and Effortless Solutions for your Business

Our solutions are perfect for businesses using SAP Business One – both large and small companies. These solutions optimise SAP Business One providing additional functionality and extending the capability of SAP Business One. Our applications enable users to work with SAP Business One on a whole new level increasing the software’s functionality in the direction which best suits your particular needs.

Our Clients and Partners

Our products are the ideal solution for both large and small companies. They allow companies to function efficiently and quickly to reach a large group of customers. Investing in our solutions will take your business to a new level whereby you will be able to fully utilise the capabilities of your IT infrastructure enabling you to provide services on an International scale.