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We have many years experience working within the UK and International business sector which has enabled us to build a large platform of products and services within the IT infrastructure.

Applications Integrating Websites with SAP Business One (SAP Business One and Website Integration)

This line of products allows us to integrate virtually every website with SAP Business One software.

Cutting-edge solutions enable the fast flow of data in both directions.

From SAP Business One:
Important data can be sent constantly or intermittently from SAP Business One to websites:

  • Products in warehouse
  • Product status
  • Status
  • Price

To SAP Business One:
This allows users to send data regarding:

  • Customer details
  • Customer addresses
  • Orders
  • Credit card payments

We rely only on cutting-edge technology, including:

  • CSV Files
  • TXT Files
  • FTP/SFTP transfer
  • Direct DB2DB Integration

Bespoke Web Services for SAP Business One

Using the newest internet technology we have created applications which allow data exchange and the creation of tailored solutions based on SAP Business One. To save you time we can provide full integration which allows you to work online with SAP Business One.

We can offer:

  • SAP Business One SOAP/WSLD web service – integrated with ASP. NET, PHP
  • SAP Business One JSON web service – integrated with PHP

Flexible Integration of SAP Business One with External Systems and Databases: ERP-system/ External Warehouse.

Depending on your needs, we can analyse and propose development of external links with your SAP Business One application. Our extensive experience combined with an in-depth analysis will assist you in deciding which applications to integrate with the system (and which not to integrate); we can also provide alternative and useful solutions:

  • CSV and TXT files
  • Excel files
  • Direct Integration

Mobile Scanning Applications for SAP Business One - On-Line

We have been creating programs for mobile barcode scanning for 10 years. These applications work on mobile platforms whereby scans can be quickly sent to SAP Business One. With their help you can quickly and easily create reports and manage your merchandise with the help of mobile barcode scanners.

We can offer a wide range of products for various operating systems:

  • Mobile Scanners - SYMBOL - Windows Mobile 3
  • Mobile Scanners - Motorola - Windows Mobile 5
  • Mobile Scanners - Windows Mobile 6
  • Mobiles scanning for the iPad and SAP Business One
  • Mobile Stock Taking for SAP Business One

DataInterface Applications for SAP Business One – Data Transfers

Our extensive experience with SAP Business One allows us to transfer every type of data from and to SAP Business One. We have created a large library of ready-to-use solutions, due to which, data can be transferred quickly and effectively.

Below is a list of just some of our solutions:

  • External data modificators in SAP Business One
  • Outside data transfers for SAP Business One
  • Transfers between SAP Business One databases
  • Full Inter-Company solutions
  • Data consolidation for SAP Business One databases
  • Cross-platform data transfers (Linux-Windows SAP Business One)

UserInterface Application for SAP Business One (Application Front-End Amendments/Customisations)

We put in every effort to ensure that our applications are simple and tailored to meet your unique requirements. We are able to modify the system and add new functionality, buttons, menu options and forms. We can supplement the program with any function you may require:

  • Additional elements for original SAP Business One screens
  • New screens for SAP Business One
  • New objects in SAP Business One
  • Automation within SAP Business One increasing work efficiency

Applications Independent of Windows

We create programs using various programming languages, ensuring we provide fast and reliable solutions.

We use the following programming languages:

  • Microsoft Visual Basic
  • Microsoft Csharp
  • Borland Delphi
  • Pascal